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A Room of Our Own: A Feminist/ Womanist Network  is a trans-inclusive, women-only blogging platform created to share women’s writing, art, experiences and musings. It was created both to combat cultural femicide – the term coined by feminist writer Bidisha to define the erasure of women from politics, art, and culture – and celebrate women’s creativity in a space without men.

Scrap the "rape clause" and the "family cap" on social security payments.


As the “rape clause” exemption cannot be delivered in a way that does not breach women’s rights and undermine women’s equality and safety, we call on the UK Government to repeal the “family cap” measures in the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016, including all of its exemptions.


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What I Remember - A Collection of Short Stories


A collection of short stories from the campaign Everyday Victim Blaming featuring Sian Norris and Huma Munshi. All funds go to financially supporting the campaign!


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Check out our fabulous anthology of women’s essays, poetry, and short stories and help financially support our feminist and womanist network!

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Night Terrors by @sianfergs

Cross-posted from: Just a South African Woman
Originally published: 09.03.15

There is no fear in the daylight. The sunshine is a distraction.

But when the moon drains the day of colour, I’ll have to close my eyes,

Withdraw from the warmth of the day,

And retreat into the scariest place I know.

I’ve been told to follow my dreams, so I do,

And they lead me to the backs of my eyelids

A place permeable to the demons of my present

Who use my mind as storage space for their grief.

I fear being frozen.
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