Million Women Rise March to End Male Violence against Women

We support the Million Women Rise march and encourage all women who live in London or who live in one of the available (and subsidised) coach bookings from Manchester, Birmingham, Wales, Nottingham and other areas of the UK (and Germany) to take part.


The Million Women Rise Coalition welcomes the support of ALL women who wish to join the March and sign up to our statement of demands.The Million Women Rise Coalition is gathering support for the Statement of Demands and invites you/your organisation to consider being a signatory.By supporting the Statement of Demands attached you will be asking the Government and societies, both at home and internationally:

  • To acknowledge the continued discrimination faced by all women, the additional discrimination faced by Black women and women from other minority groups, and reflect this in all public policy in the UK and internationally
  • For the adoption of a broad definition of violence against women, which makes the links between domestic abuse, rape and commercial sexual exploitation
  • To pledge support and resources to the women’s not-for-profit sector which is at the forefront of supporting survivors of discrimination, abuse and violence. Women’s services are essential to a woman’s healing and empowerment
  • To support the demands of the End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) and End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes International Forum (ECPAT) for the protection of children and to adopt a cross government strategy addressing all forms of violence against women
  • To abolish the ‘no recourse’ requirement for abused women who have insecure immigration status
  • For all trafficked women and children to have a guaranteed minimum reflection period, specialist support and medical assistance, specialist safe houses for child and adult victims of trafficking and the right to a temporary residence permit if deemed at risk
  • To commit to changing public attitudes and behavior towards women and girls through education initiatives and public awareness campaigns as set out by school programs such as Womankind Worldwide initiatives
  • To hold the media accountable for the continued misrepresentation, misappropriation and abuse of the female body throughout all forms of media
  • To recognise that global war and conflict perpetuates violence against women and to stop all wars now. Three out of four fatalities of war are women and children
  • For International Women’s Day to become a National Bank Holiday in the UK and Ireland in recognition of and to celebrate women’s achievements

The prevention of violence against women and children is a cultural, social and political issue and must be a priority for all levels of Government. Action for a national strategy to oppose men’s violence is the responsibility of all political parties and must encompass:

PREVENTION:      Active prevention of violence against women and children.

PROVISION:         Adequate provision of quality women-only support services for women and              children.

PROTECTION:     Appropriate and effective legal protection for women and children.


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