Million Women Rise: The Photos

I’ve been on Million Women Rise twice. It is an absolutely amazing space for women and children. Being with thousands of women and children in the streets raising our voices to end male violence is an incredibly empowering experience. The music, the discussions, the energy of women is beautiful and needs to be experienced first hand.

My only advice is get as close to the front of the march as possible so you don’t miss a single speech at the rally in Trafalgar Square.


IMG_0347IMG_0340 IMG_0341  IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0345    IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0351    IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0357     IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0366  IMG_0368 IMG_0369  IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0373  IMG_0375   IMG_0378 IMG_0379 IMG_0380 IMG_0381 IMG_0382 IMG_0383 IMG_0384 IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0389 IMG_0390 IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0393   IMG_0396    IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0412   IMG_0415 IMG_0416  IMG_0418

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