Stephen Hawking vs Victoria Secret Models by @QueenofBiscuits

(Cross-posted with permission from Diary of a Newbie Strong Woman)

I am not sure where I am going with this so stay with me, there may or may not be a point.

This morning Fit and Feminist linked to these tweets

Tweets from the Victoria Secret Show

They made me sad (and also fucking furious depending on gender of the tweeter), but thanks to Gogglebox last night showing the reaction to the Stephen Hawking programme it also made me think. No-one looks at Stephen Hawking and thinks if I just studied a little harder, read a few more books then I would be able to be as clever as him. The tweets that went out about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show read as if we (women) all just exercised more and ate less we would be able to look like Victoria Secret models. We wouldn’t, we would need their genes as well, just as if we wanted to be able to be as clever as Stephen Hawking we would need his brain. Which sentence last went on in your head ‘I need to eat less and lose weight’ or ‘I need to read more and become more intelligent’. We accept the fact we can’t all be Stephen Hawking yet blame ourselves for not looking like models, and what’s worse punish and abuse our bodies for not being model like.

I am not saying we shouldn’t seek to improve ourselves, we should read as much possible and move in ways we enjoy, but we should do it for ourselves and not an unrealistic ideal that we will never attain.


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One thought on “Stephen Hawking vs Victoria Secret Models by @QueenofBiscuits”

  1. Hurrahhhhh! And *improve ourselves* ? We’re not even allowed the mercy of accepting ourselves.
    So yes. Hurahhhh!

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