The Real Life of Twins at Communicating with Kids, by @cwknews

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Originally published: 15.07.15

I am an identical twin so I sat down to watch ‘Secret Life of Twins’ on ITV yesterday hoping that it would do something I’ve never seen before on t.v. by portraying the real life of twins, rather than the freak show entertainment we usually get.

But no, it didn’t; so here, for all parents of twins and everybody else in the world for that matter, is my critical response. I think I’ll start with a few requests to future t.v. producers of programmes about twins:

1. Would you stop getting twins to pose together doing exactly the same actions so that we can gasp at how amazing that is – they look AND act the same!

2. Can you stop the really patronising voice-over. Twins are not fluffy bunny rabbits.

3. Can you not act like the similarities between twins are the reality and the differences are aberrations. And please don’t sound SO startled when you mention those differences.
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Is it the beginning of the end for our family relationship with cbeebies??!!

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My youngest child, I’ve noticed recently,  rarely asks to watch cbeebies anymore.

This is going to be a very long,  drawn out, heart wrenching goodbye…….. for me!!

When biggest boy was little we didn’t have the actual cbeebies channel, freeview wasn’t a necessity back then. Also I had first child syndrome in those days and was never going to be the kind of mum who sat her child in front of the TV. As it turned out cbeebies has been such a good babysitter over the last 10 years I probably should buy it a pizza and slip it a tenner!

The different children have all had their favourites. Biggest boy had a fondness for The Shiny Show and Rubberdubbas. Though when he was younger the tweenies was his absolute favourite. He had a particular DVD (or was it video eeekk) which I reckon to this day I could probably recite word for word the hammering it got. Don’t judge me I had 3 children under 3 at one point. I was tired often.

Littlest boy was Bob the Builder obssessed. Even now at the age of 11 he’s a collecter, Damn you Match Attax. I believe it started with the Bob vehicles though. Every Christmas and birthday there would be great excitement for these toys which I can vouch  were the most played with toys to this date.

For biggest girl it was all about Charlie and Lola. I believe she gained all inspiration for being an annoying, demanding little sister from this show. She does it well I have to say. Though she had to adapt the technique to get right under her brothers skin as she’s gotten older, I believe she still at times is able to channel her inner Lola in a way I, as a female, can only stand back and envy.

Littlest girl though and I have had more time to peruse the delights of cbeebies together. By the time she came along the elder kids were in school so I had way more free time and we always scheduled in an hour of cbeebies on return from the school run. We’ve seen Night Garden, Postman Pat and Chris and Pui live (Chris and Pui were exceptionally good)

Now though, the only programmes she really asks to watch are Old Jack,  Topsy and Tim and Katie Morag. This week though, she’s been into the Stargazing programme so much that biggest boy is trying to convince her to watch Brian Cox with him!

We’re still happy to snuggle with beebies when tired or off colour.. I hope we’ve got a little while longer with Mr Bloom and his friends . I’m not ready to leave them behind just yet.

So thanks to Sue and Chris for giving for allowing a pregnant woman half hour here and there to slouch on the sofa. Thanks to Nicole and Chris for entertaining my toddlers for a while and allowing me to feed a newborn unnagged. Thanks to Sarah-Jane and Justin who allowed a bit of housework to be done from time to time. Thanks to Cerrie and Alex for the days littlest girl and I had the best singsongs to the summer/winter songs,and the memory I will always treasure of eldest three singing the bedtime song to littlest girl every night before bed. To Katy who littlest girl adores and had great fun going to watch in the Trafford Centre (obviously daddy got that gig as,sshhh don’t tell anyone, but he’s a bit in love with her himself!!) and who inspired a little girls love of cooking so much, it’s the food channel that she favours now.

It’s been a lovely 10 years, and even when little girl has totally left you all behind, I do have a baby nephew so will be popping by from time to time… Purely for research purposes to gain auntie points of course!!

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