The only feminism that can challenge xenophobic and misogynist populism is inclusive feminism, by Ms Afropolitan

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Originally published: 12.06.18
Image is Pulchritude by Christo Makatita
Image is Pulchritude by Christo Makatita

On 7 June, the European Women’s Lobby launched its campaign for the 2019 European Parliament elections for equal representation of women. Over 100 leading women’s rights activists from the EWL membership across Europe gathered at the EU Parliament in Brussels under the theme of “Women ReShaping Power”. I had the honour of delivering a keynote . …

In the centuries long history of feminism there have been a number of so called distinct “feminist peaks” such as the fight for women’s suffrage, the invention of the birth control pill, and women’s armed revolutions in Africa during the continent’s independence struggles.

Contemporary feminism reached its current peak on the 21st of January 2017, one day after the inauguration of US president, the 45th. Millions of women and men around the world joined the Women’s March that day to protest not only Trump’s election, but with the aim of dismantling all systems of oppression. When I returned from marching that day, I posted a social media update saying, “When women start marching like we did today, from Washington to London to all around the globe, you know the rules of the game have changed.” …

The full the transcript and video are available here.

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