These are the actual divides among feminists by @MsAfropolitan

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Originally published: 29.11.16


Last night, as part of the 100 Women season, the BBC hosted a panel discussion about whether the feminist movement has succeeded in inclusively engaging women. The speakers were Heather Rabbatts, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw and Gail Lewis. It was great to hear Williams Crenshaw speak authoritatively about intersectionality, a term which she coined. Rabbatts too was a compassionate speaker and there is only one word needed to describe Gail Lewis’s contribution – brilliant. I recommend listening to the audio recap.

However, on the other hand, the audience’s comments largely revealed the gimmick that western feminism is rapidly becoming. The audience was diverse, with a slight leaning toward young women in their late 20s or so. There was also an encouraging number of men, same age group, which confirms that millennials are the male feminist generation.

You can read the full text here at Ms Afropolitan.

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