Women only spaces : An Anthology of Feminist & Womanist Writers

Women only spaces are a fundamental part of the feminist movement and represent women’s right to self-determination and liberation. We’re collecting short stories, poetry, and essays that illustrate, explore and define the importance of women-only spaces for the feminist movement and women in general: as a space which prioritises women’s voices over mens and that refuses to allow men to dictate the terms of the conversation.

Currently, the definition of ‘women-only spaces’ is under debate and those that exist are under annihilation by so called “austerity cuts” that are destroying women’s access to refuges and rape crisis centres. But, women only spaces are essential not just for women experiencing male violence. They are an essential space for all women as libraries, sports centres, and community centres.


The proceeds of this book will be used to support this platform covering the costs of hosting and website maintenance and development.

email: louisepennington@hotmail.co.uk

Abstract deadline: February 1, 2018

Submission deadline: April 1, 2018

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