Art Journaling – 10 things you might want to know… by @skybluepink

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Originally published: 05.03.11

What is Art Journalling?

The short ( if overly esoteric) answer is that Art Journalling is a record of your existence in time and space.

This can be a terrifying thing – like facing an unknown planet without a map, or any idea if the aliens are friendly.  So here are some markers for the terrain we’re covering here.

1. It generally involves some kind of image and words.

2. It can happen in a book/journal or on loose paper.

3. Anything that can be attached to the page is fair game.

4. The page can broadly consist of five parts.

5. A Background (something to soften up the scary white page so it can’t bite anymore).

6. A Focal Image or Images. This is shorthand for ‘the thing that stands out most on the page – that you notice first’.

7. Some Text – in any form – it might even have been written and then obliterated by layers of stuff on top of it.

8. Layers – Bits of stuff stuck down, stamping, paint splatters, coffee cup rings – (real or pretend – obviously the real one is more slobby and therefore infinitely more desirable! :-))

9. Borders and Doodling – Give the simplest thing a frame and it creates a bit of magic. As for doodling we all doodle it (sorry, couldn’t resist!) so lets celebrate it!

10. Or NONE of the above. It’s YOUR Journal; YOUR Space; A place to sneak up on yourself and find out what YOU think and who YOU are.


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