This space is for women to share their writing; we are fighting cultural femicide by sharing women’s writings, experiences, musings, photography, music and art.

The only criteria we have for membership is that you self-define as a feminist or a womanist. It doesn’t matter what you blog about – hockey, parenting, donuts or feminist theory – as long as you are a feminist or a womanist, you are welcome here. We expect that members will have fundamentally different definitions of feminism and womanism. We believe these differences are worth exploring, debating and celebrating.

We welcome links to blogs which haven’t been updated in a while, as well as brand new blogs. We also welcome links to feminist campaigns and campaigns which aren’t labelled feminist but whose origins are in feminist theory. We welcome blogs which are art, poetry, photography, video and any other medium of expression which can be posted online. We include traditional ‘blogs’ as created on blogger or wordpress, as well as Tumblr, Facebook pages, Youtube pages etc.

You can find our network on twitter: @RoomofOurOwn

Please tell us the name of your blog, a brief description of your blog, twitter handles, Facebook pages and list any categories that you would like your blog to be listed under. Add more than one category under the descriptions section and if you would like to include an image, please do!


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A Room of Our Own is strictly a volunteer organisation and we have no intention of making a profit from our network.  That said, there will always be expenses that need to be covered: hosting fees, our tech company, and updates to the website. The largest annual expense will be hiring qualified women to help maintain and develop the website. We understand that many of our members are not in a position to financially assist our campaign. Membership will never be based on the ability to pay.Instead, we are asking those women with a decent income, and the men who follow us, to help finance our network on behalf of those who cannot.To reflect the pay gap between men and women, we ask men to pay 30% more than the average donation of £5 as a way of combating the devaluing of women’s work and as a reflection of the continuing pay gap. We also ask men to set up a monthly donation to acknowledge the work and sheer amount of time it takes to develop a women-only feminist network. Women’s work and time is consistently under-valued and ignored and we are asking men who are feminist allies to make it clear that women’s work has value.