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This is going to be possibly my favourite post of this whole blog, as a feminist I always get told or hear that feminists are just complaining and making a fuss out of nothing because they are ugly who can’t get ‘any’. So basically if your a feminism you are just some ugly old women who can’t get a boyfriend and that why you try to fight for equal rights, awesome just awesome… some of my personal favourite quotes about how ugly us feminists are “feminists just a bunch of useless, ugly and unfucked losers” and “sexism only ugly bitches complain about it” here that people if you want to get equality or stop sexism then you are ugly there isn’t even a probably in it you are ugly.

Wow and feminists are meant to be the ones making women feel small and worst about themselves, I have been told by so many people now that feminists are just taking away rights for women and we are actually the ones making women feel lower about themselves so basically feminists telling women to love themselves and not letting anyone make them feel different or ugly that’s not ok but people telling people who stand up and fight for what they believe in that they are ugly that’s brilliant.

One of the best things I came across doing research for this post was these brilliant quotes by a man who calls himself ‘frost’

“The ultimate goal of the Feminist is to create a world in which all women are as hideous and awful and dead inside as they are, so that everyone can have an equal timeshare in the alpha harems, and everyone’s fatherless offspring can be raised by the same uninspired bureaucrats in the same grey-walled, concrete and plate-glass buildings”

and then the same person carries on to say

“Feminists tend to be some combination of fat, old, ugly, abrasive, and slutty. Feminists want to convince men that we should be attracted to fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts. Feminists want to convince women that it is OK for them to be fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts. They want desirable women to become fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts, so that the feminists no longer look so bad in comparison. Related to (1) and (2), Feminists want to convince men and women that it is immoral for men to not be attracted to fat, old, ugly, abrasive sluts.
This is why Feminism is working so passionately to ruin American women. [Who benefits] from the widespread adoption of feminist beliefs that destroy our once-slim, once-feminine, once-nurturing women? The answer, first and foremost, is the women who were already destroyed to begin with. Feminists know that, in a monogamous world where everyone pairs up with an equally desirable mate, they could only ever earn the favour of weak, bottom-feeding men. Feminist ideology, i.e. the hysteric and childish whining about Patriarchy, Shaming Language, and Socially Constructed Gender Roles, is no more than the set of rationalizations with which they seek to drag the rest of womankind down to their level”

There isn’t much I can say about these quotes without a lot of swearing and I don’t really have the time to write what would be a eight book series about this comment, so I will say this I actually completely forgot that when all of us evil, ugly feminists go to our weekly meet-ups we all sit around a circle and plan how we are going to get all women and men to realise that they only way to live is to be ugly (by the way we don’t have weekly meet-ups) Also in my research I found a lovely man who thinks feminists are all ugly because we don’t cook, clean and love. I still haven’t found any research into the reason women become ugly is because they don’t cook, clean or love when feminists do love, cook and clean because again I forgot that feminists are telling everyone not to cook, clean or love.

But the quote feminists hear the most is “feminists really are just ugly women who are jealous” well I can’t speak about every feminist on the earth but I am not jealous about anyone I am actually happy with the way I look, my weight and everything else about me thanks and guess what feminism taught me how to love myself. I found lots of great quotes about this topic and while writing this I did find it really hurt not to throw the laptop across the room and scream a little but there was some that I just had to put on to this post because it was just to hard not to… so here they are…. “feminism was founded by ugly women that society ignored because they weren’t attractive enough” that really hit a nerve for me because I still today get a tear to my eye when I read about what feminists when through back in the old days, e.g. the cat and mouse act or the false feeding.

To sum up this post what I have learnt from all the research is if your a woman and your not what society thinks is attractive then no one will listen to you and your be treated unfairly and then become jealous of every other women, also I have learnt that very attractive girls would not be the first women who need feminism because they have ‘more opportunities’ in life. Also all feminists are lesbians (I am pretty sure I’m not actually) So people just remember the real lesson in life we all are apparently meant to know is that not everyone can be beautiful…. but if you don’t mind I’m going to keep trying to make sure everyone thinks they’re beautiful because even if some people can’t see it everyone is in their own way


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