Fifty Images at 50 – Day 1.01 by @skybluepink

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Originally published: 22.11.16


This is day 1.01 of an experiment in radical imperfectionism. So imperfect, in fact, that day one, technically, finished 16 minutes ago. I have been thinking of a way of marking my upcoming 50th Birthday; a framework for marking a half century on Planet Earth.

It is (just under) 25 days until the 16th of  October and my intention is to post images and words, in some combination for the 25 days before and after my 50th.

It is an exercise in exploration and habit building; a small adventure in looking back and ahead and remembering what I have learned so far. 

Thank you for keeping me company.


Sky Blog PinkI am a feminist who is proud to have brought up a strong and feminist daughter. I am a teacher of twenty two years who has recently become an Education Technology entrepreneur – creating technology aimed at making ‘Every Child a Reader’ – I am very lucky to have the support of the Cambridge University Judge Business School Accelerator Programme which is run by a woman though I am still a minority being female and 40+ . Twitter I am @skybluepink