Welcome to A Room of Our Own: A Feminist Network

Welcome to A Room of Our Own: A Feminist Network.

This space is for women to share their writing; we are fighting cultural femicide by sharing women’s writings, experiences and musings.

The only criteria we have for membership is that you self-define as a feminist or a womanist. It doesn’t matter what you blog about – hockey, parenting, donuts or feminist theory – as long as you are a feminist, you are welcome here.We welcome collective blogs as long as all the bloggers are women. We also welcome blogs which are art, poetry, photography, video and any other medium of expression which can be posted online. We include traditional ‘blogs’ as created on blogger or wordpress, as well as Tumblr, Facebook pages, Youtube pages etc.

We expect that members will have fundamentally different definitions of feminism/ womanism. We believe these differences are worth exploring, debating and celebrating. We will post a new blog by our members everyday under the heading Featured Blog. We do not agree with every single blog we feature but we believe it is important for women to have a safe space in which to share their work.

A Room of Our Own is about ensuring that no woman’s voice is silenced, regardless of whether or not we disagree with them.