Relationships by @carregonnen

Cross-posted from: Carregonnen
Originally published: 20.05.15

Relationships are important – friendships, family, lovers, acquaintances. They are complex things these relationships. Good and fulfilling if they work heartbreaking and damaging when they don’t. We can learn from them, grow within them, say hello to new ones and goodbye to old ones and try and repair the damage from ones that leave us for whatever reason. We are attached to our relationships sometimes with strong ropes sometimes with fragile threads that need care and attention often. When they work they can be joyful and life-giving. When they end the pain and sadness can be almost unbearable. But we somehow go on, making new ones nourishing the ones we have and living without the ones that have ended.

A stone I accidentally kick into the water
splinters the moon just like
a picture of you fades and vanishes for ever or
a love that was real twists around and denies me or
a connection stolen and broken by the hands of a care-less thief
a joy dies and
a sound of laughter disappears
a look a recognition goes unrecognised and ignored
a smile turns downwards or is just not there and
a touch – gone and
a breath breathed out
But some memories stay and comfort a little
in the lonely times


CarregonnenI do life writing in poetry and prose about child abuse and mental health – politically I am a radical feminist.