Happy International Women’s Day

(Cross-posted from Opinionated Planet)

The months slip by so quickly, with article after article after blog post filled with thoughts on feminism and women’s liberation. And here we are again, on International Women’s Day, with the news headlines full of the murder, sexual assault, rape and domestic abuse of women and girls. The battle to be safe from male violence in all it’s forms is at the forefront of a lot of women’s campaigning. It never ends and it never stops. It may never stop.

But there are women out there who work tirelessly – often without pay – to keep other women safe and I want to thank them.

I want to thank them for their passion, their drive, their commitment.

Their unceasing determination to make the structural changes necessary to make women’s lives better.

These women work behind the scenes to ensure the safety of women’s services. They are known, and unknown. They are in every arena, from politics and policy to refuges and helplines.

Without them, we would be much, much worse off.

Thank you…


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