Satire, power, offence and SCUM by @decadentmadamez

Cross-posted from: Dose of Decadence
Originally published: 25.01.15
I sometimes think the biggest constituency in the world is the well-meaning idiots. They want to do the right things and they want to think the right things, particularly now that everyone not only has opinions but is expected to express them all over the place, all the time. They are well-meaning, so they (for instance) get sucked by Britain First (no, I am not linking to them in any shape or form) printing a picture of a doggie or a dignified veteran and don’t read the small print where the facism lurks.
At the moment, the well-meaning idiots are worrying about offensiveness. It’s OK to disagree with other people’s religious beliefs, they bleat, but do you have to be so nasty and rude about it?

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