The Boys on the Bus: A short story

The Boys on the Bus: A short story Book Cover The Boys on the Bus: A short story
Sian Norris
short stories

A writer attending a literary dinner recounts the traumatic experience of having her hair set on fire when she was a schoolgirl 12 years earlier.

As she confronts the memory, she realizes how through telling stories, we try to find closure from the trauma caused by violence.

This short story explores the nature of violence, memory and trauma in a sensitive and lyrically written way.

This book also contains the short story Anna's Interlude.

A married woman living during the Second World War embarks on an affair with a young man in the Navy. Through their affair she discovers how unhappy her marriage has made her. She becomes determined to leave her husband and build a new life, a life that is true to herself. But when the letters from her lover come to an abrupt end, she finds she is trapped all over again.