The Fetishisation Of Tall Women. at Rosie’s Gap Year

Cross-posted from: Rosie's Gap Year
Originally published: 25.02.15

I’ve never thought I would be forced to write an article about this, but due to recent comments I’ve been receiving on social media platforms, I want to voice my opinion on this.

I’m talking about the fetishisation of tall women by, predominantly, men.  This is more commonly known as “Macrophillia”, and to those of you who don’t know, this involves a tall woman taking on a role as a giantess, who’s main purpose is to dominate, sexually please, and crush men smaller than them.

Because of the nature of this fetish, tall women have been targeted as a cornerstone of it, whether they are consenting to being viewed in such a way or not.

I’m bringing this up because I recently posted a picture on my personal Tumblr of me standing next to a friend of mine (baring in mind I was standing on the step above her) with the caption “If anyone doubts how tall I am, I will bend down, and show them this picture.”

In the picture, I look over a foot taller than my friend. I thought it was funny. She thought it was funny. But, to a lot of people (as I discovered shortly after posting it), were only interested because it tied into their fetish. To them, in that photo, I was their ‘giantess’ towering over others, not an 18 year old girl having a photo with her work friend.

Following this, I received some pretty strange and frankly, upsetting messages from men asking me to love them, asking me to be their giantess, asking me to wear heels and dominate them. All of these messages were on anonymous, and because of this, people’s true desires and intentions can be revealed without consequence (because believe me, there would be consequences).

When I scrolled through the notes on this photo, I clicked on a couple of blogs, and on around 95% of them, there were pictures of women who had been enlarged to the same height as buildings, women who had had their photo taken in public without their knowledge because they had large breasts or long legs, women who were crushing men in the palm of their hand while they sported raging erections. Honestly, I felt angry, and I eventually felt too uncomfortable, and had to delete the photo entirely.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m 6’1”, and my height is something I’ve struggled with since I was around 15. To me, wearing 2 inch heels to prom was definitely up there on my top 5 nerve wracking experiences.

I want to be able to wear heels without worrying that men will either be intimidated by me, or want me to grow 30ft, tie them up and crush them under my massive feet. I want to be able to post pictures of myself on social media and tag it with ‘tall girl’ without men sexualising me without my consent. I want to be able to walk down the street in whatever shoes I want to, wearing whatever I want to, without being concerned about whether or not I’m unintentionally feeding someone’s fetish.

I do not exist to be fetishized, sexualised and drooled over. My size 8 feet do not exist to crush you in your fantasies. My height does not exist for you. Tall women do not exist for your pleasure. Moreover, women do not exist for your pleasure. Please refrain from thinking otherwise.