The Jump Into The Unknown by @CatEleven

(Cross-Posted with Permission from One Woman’s Thoughts)

It’s plunging into uncharted oceans
The day you step away
Either in your head
Or on foot
As fast or as slow as your legs will allow

That unknown:
Or liberating
Or both all at once

The days of rising panic
Fear and self loathing
The days of trying to fix
Of owning every failure
Of lonliness in a crowded room
Of ignoring your inner screaming
Won’t simply go away

But hour on hour
In the quiet recesses of the nights safe from harm
They will lessen
They will fade
They will pass

And you will gain strength
You have endured
You have fought
And you’ve arrived
You are the greatest person to have ever lived your life

And it is your life
It’s yours
Live it
And be well


One Woman’s Thoughts: I am a feminist and this is my blog; a collection of perspectives, poetry and ideas. [@CatEleven]

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