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Originally published: 14.08.14

Our feminist society is making a zine, the theme is ‘What feminism means to me’ and here is my contribution!

F = Freedom

The most important notion in feminism is a woman’s freedom. Freedom covers a whole lot of things, freedom over her own body, freedom of speech, and freedom in the public domain. Feminism works towards giving women freedom. So we can wear what we want, say what we want, walk where we want and be who ever we want, without anyone taking advantage of us, in any situation.

E = Evaluation

Feminism is about evaluation; it’s about analysing the society. Feminism is a tool to understand the world and why our society works like it does. Through feminism we can learn to see structures and evaluate behaviors, by looking at the world through feminism we can understand it and change it.

M = Motherhood

The notion of motherhood is a classic debate in feminism; it started during the 60’s but is still on the agenda. There is still a stigma around abortion and there is still a stigma around women’s menstruation. Adding to this women still take a bigger responsibility when it comes to childcare and household, this leaves women with lower payments and more part times jobs. It’s important that women can take independent decisions about their reproduction and their living situation. In a more feminist society we can talk openly about abortion and menstruation since non of this would be a stigma, in a more feminist society women can be mothers without getting poorer and dependent of others, we would have workplaces that doesn’t see motherhood as a problem but as a rich experience to have in their organisation.

I = Intersectionality

Feminism is not only about women; it’s about understanding all forms of oppression in society. It’s about understanding and questioning the white, male, western, heterosexual norm and work towards breaking power relations. Feminism has the power to see intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination. It’s not only about gender, to understand the world we have to see more cultural patterns of oppression. Oppression, domination and discrimination are not only interrelated, but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society, examples of this include gender, class, sexuality, ability, and ethnicity. Feminists coined the word intersectionality and as a feminist we have the chance to continue that discussion to bring recognition to social structures and help fight oppression and discrimination.

N = News

Feminism is a movement that comes from a long history and fight, but it’s also relevant for the world today. Feminism is about news, to keep updated and be aware of what’s happening today. Feminism for me is keeping me up to date, become aware and critically read how information and news are presented to us.

I = Internationality

Feminism is not just local; it’s not just you and your friends. I’m a feminist because I don’t want women anywhere to get raped, sexually harassed, suffer from domestic violence or die during childbirth. I’m a feminist because there are still countries where women are not able to vote. Feminism for me is an international movement; it crossed boarders and nations, its bigger then nations. Feminism is solidarity to other people; feminism doesn’t see boarders or walls. Feminism is an international movement that talk about how we can change the world not just how we should manage to survive in it.

S = Sisterhood

For me it’s all about sisterhood, we have sisters all over the world thanks to feminism. Thanks to feminism I can find affinity and fellowship with people everywhere. The idea of sisterhood makes me and my sisters strong, it makes the battle easier to fight because you never stand alone, when you scream for change you are not only screaming for your own rights but for everyone’s. To be in a sisterhood is one of the most important things in my feminism because it makes me and everyone less selfish, less individual, it bring us together into one unity and it makes me a better person.

M = Matriarchy 

In feminist literature, matriarchy and patriarchy are not conceived as simple mirrors of each other, it’s not about the fact that women should rule men or the world, it’s about finding a new way of leading. Feminist theory often describes it as; Patriarchy is held to be about power over others while matriarchy is held to be about power from within. Feminism to me is to try a new way of organisation, in governments, in parliaments, in offices, at home, in our social environment. Feminism and matriarchy is not about power, it’s not about strength or control, it’s about finding new methods for how to create a society and make it more equal for everyone. The world we live in today is filled with war, crimes and inequalities, in a feminist utopia it might not be better, but the fact is that we have never tried it either. If we try a different power relation, and try to break the power structures through feminism and the idea of matriarchy, we might get a more equal society.


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