Why we need sex positive feminism by @feministvibes

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Originally published: 23.07.15

Sex positive feminism has been a controversial topic among feminists for a long time, but recently it’s been a particularly dividing issue.

Those against sex positive feminism claim that it works for the patriarchy, that by showing our bodies in public and not hiding our sexuality away we are opening ourselves to objectification.

We have needs, wants and desires that are not only perfectly natural but beautiful. For those who are interested, understanding, exploring and embracing our sexuality will only serve to empower us and help us to learn things about ourselves, to grow and  accept every aspect of who we are. How are we to fully know or love ourselves if we deny ourselves that power? It is ours, it is one of the few things that truly belongs to us, and only to us. It is who we are- some would even argue it is why we are.

Our sexuality is a vital part of who we are at our most natural level, it’s when we are at our most powerful. We can ignore it, try and push it down and forget it’s there at all because we fear being objectified, allowing ourselves to be stifled by a branch of feminism is no different to allowing ourselves to be oppressed by the patriarchy.

‘Don’t let the patriarchy tell you what to do with your bodies, let us tell you what to do with them instead, isn’t that better?’

I don’t think it is.

Are we to go back to a time where we were allowed no power over our own sexual agency? Denied pleasure? Women are taught from a young age we should be ashamed by our sexuality. It isn’t considered polite to talk about or to pursue it. Speak of it only in hushed whispers, don’t appear too eager to give in to your desires. It isn’t proper, it’s unacceptable.

Female sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, despite what our society might have us believe. Whether you want to shout about it from the mountaintops and share it with the world or keep that side of your being to yourself, that’s your right. It is yours to do with as you wish, and don’t allow anyone to make you believe otherwise.


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